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Upcoming Events


Thursday, March 13; 6:30 PM


Regular Lodge Meeting. Presentation by Jeanne McGuire on her recent visit to Norway, focused on the Norwegian Occupation and Resistance during WWII. This is Part II; Part I was well received by our lodge back in September, 2013.


First Lutheran Church Fireside Room, 6400 State Line Road, Mission Hills, KS 66208


Smorbord with fruit and vegetable trans and dessert; please bring an item to share.



Sunday, April 13


Regular Lodge Meeting. All about Vikings. Presentation, entertainment, and food.


First Lutheran Church Fireside Room, 6400 State Line Road, Mission Hills, KS 66208





Thursday, May 8; 6:30 PM


Regular Lodge Meeting. Syttende Mai 200 year anniversary presentation by Helen Scherer.


First Lutheran Church Fireside Room, 6400 State Line Road, Mission Hills, KS 66208





Saturday, June 21, 4:00 PM (until at least 9:00 PM)


Midsommer Celebration with other Scandinavian groups


Hollis Renewal Center, Bonner Springs, KS


Presented by Danish Brotherhood Lodge 56, Icelandic Association, The Scandinavian Association of Greater Kansas City, Scandinavian Folkdancers, Scandinavian Women's Society, Sons of Norway Maihaugen Lodge 1-665, Vasa Facklan Lodge 248. See the 2014 Midsommar Celebration flier (TBD) for a map and directions to Hollis Renewal Center and for more information.



Friday, August 15, 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM;
Saturday, August 16, 12:00 noon to 10:00 PM;
Sunday, August 17, 12:00 noon to 6:00 PM


Kansas City Ethnic Enrichment Festival


Swope Park (see map)


Our lodge will have a booth; Norwegian-style food, beverages, and crafts will be sold. Adult admission is $3.00; children 12 and under are admitted free with adult. Free parking.


The monthly social gathering, business meeting, and program is usually held on the second Thursday of most months (excluding August) at 6:30 PM at:

First Lutheran Church
6400 State Line Road
Mission Hills, KS 66208-1947
[show map]

Blog Posts

While I already posted about our need for some volunteers for this event, there are a few things that anyone attending can do to help make this a more enjoyable event for all. Some suggestions:

Pass along to either Nancy Wilson or me any information you have about any young people who might want to participate in the Santa Lucia processional. Participating youth (must be eighteen or younger) will be admitted to the event free of charge. We could use more participants; I think we had eight to ten participants in each of the previous two years, but Nancy tells me we only have six signed up so far. As I recall, this processional takes about ten to fifteen minutes.

Do you have a nice Norwegian sweater or bunad, or do you have some other Scandinavian attire? This is a great opportunity to show it off!

Do you have any stories to share about Scandinavian Christmas traditions? There will be an opportunity after dinner to share these stories. Think about it; it would be great to have you share either your personal Christmastime experiences (always especially compelling), or just something that you've learned that you believe other people would like to know about. It's not necessary to notify me if you'd like to offer something, but I'd encourage it, as I'd like to have some idea whether or not anybody would like to do this.

Bring along one or more Norwegian (or Norwegian-style) Christmas ornaments to hang on the tree. Remember to reclaim it at the end of the evening!

Bring some traditional Norwegian Christmas item (decoration or whatever) to show; there will be at least one table available to show such items; decorations might be useful in various places around the room. You might want to notify Nancy Wilson or Sandi Knutson (they're in charge of decorations) in advance if you have something that requires much space or if requires any setup. Remember to reclaim any such items at the end of the evening! Helen and I are trying to decide whether or not to bring along our candle-powered Christmas pyramid (admittedly, traditionally German, not Norwegian) shown at the right to provide some visual excitement at one of the tables.


In Vern and Sandi's recent Fra Presidentene post, they mentioned the up-coming joint Christmas dinner with the VASA Facklan Lodge #248, the Danish Brotherhood in America Denmark Lodge #56, and the Scandinavian Women's Society. I'm coordinating the preparation for this event and—as we are hosting the event this year—we will need a few volunteers to help out. Nancy Wilson informs me that as of this evening, we have about 70 people who have reservations for the event That's great, and we still have a day to go (remember, December 7 is the deadline for reservations, but if you plead your case, Nancy might give you another day or two).

We will need:

  • at least 3 people to make traditional Norwegian Christmas cookies
  • at least 4 people to help with setup before the event
  • 1 or 2 greeters
  • 1 or 2 drink servers
  • at least 2 people to serve food at dinnertime (dishing out food from the trays/serving bowls onto people's plates)
  • at least 6 people to help clean up

Please read on for more details, and if you think you can help, contact me, Vern or Sandi Knutson, or Nancy Wilson (and they'll probably send you to me).

Before the event, we already have Vern and Sandi Knutson preparing riskrem (Norwegian rice cream), Nancy Wilson preparing alcohol-free sangria, and me preparing two kinds of glogg (one with and one without alcohol).

But we need some more volunteers to make traditional Norwegian Christmas cookies; they're one of the main things that will give this event a distinctively Norwegian twist! Helen Scherer will be making Sandkake, Marilyn Hayes will be making Krumkaker, Nancy Wilson and her daughter Wendy will be making some cookies (they haven't told me what type yet), but we'd still like to have a few more volunteers: we're hoping for seven types, likely chosen from: Pepperkaker (gingerbread), Ingefærnøtter (Ginger nuts), Fattigmann (Poor Man), Krumkaker (Curved Cake), Kokosmakroner (Coconut Macaroons), Goro, Tykklefser, Hjortetakk (Deer Antlers), Sandkake (Sand Cakes), and Sirupsnipper (Syrup Snaps). See "Seven Sorts: Traditional Norwegian Christmas Cookies" or hunt around for your own recipes. We'd like to share the recipies used to make the cookies in the printed program, so please submit them ASAP to me and/or Steve Hayes; Steve will be putting designing and assembling the printed programs.

A few hours before the event (we'll establish an exact time later), we'll need help for general set-up (setting up tables and chairs, decorating, putting up a Christmas tree, etc.) as well as food and drink set-up (putting some additional food out beyond what the caterer is providing, and various drinks: coffee, teas, etc.). Steve Hayes and I are already committed to doing this. Please help us! It would be nice to have at least four more people to join us.

During the event, we'll need a guest greeter or two. You would be welcoming people, confirming that they've paid and reminding them what meal they chose (there will be a list), providing name tags (we'll have our usual ones for our own lodge members; people from the other lodges can fill out their own tags), and possibly point them toward the table where the drinks are. I don't have anyone down for this yet.

We'd like to have somebody serving drinks during the first half hour or so (during the social time), and perhaps that same person or another person to walk around during dinner and offer refills to people while they're eating so there's not constant traffic of people getting up to get their own drink refills.

We'll also need at least two people to serve the food (that the caterers are providing as well as a few additional food items made or otherwise obtained by our lodge members).

After the event, we'll need a clean up crew. Much as we always do, we just need to put things away and clean up. For this event, though, there will be a little more work than usual, as there will have been quite a few people (probably 70+), leaving many tables and chairs to put away, silverware to clean up, catering trays to rinse out, etc. If we can get six or more people to volunteer for this, we can probably wrap things up within half an hour.

Again, please consider volunteering for one or more of the above! The sooner you offer your services, the less likely it is that a few of us will have to start calling around seeking help at the last minute.

Mange takk!

Fra Presidentene

At our November meeting we had Norwegian cooking demonstrations, featuring several very good desserts and cookies.  Thank you, Kari Lyche, for helping with the planning and set up for this event.  Everyone enjoyed the foods a great deal.  But we wish we would of had more members join us to enjoy the foods.

This year we have saved the best until last. It's the all-Scandinavian joint Christmas Party hosted by us—the Sons of Norway. The evening will be filled with Scandinavian Christmas traditions. Everyone will be greeted at 6 PM for the social time with Holiday Glogg and Sangria for the children. The Sankta Lucia Processional will start about 6:30 PM, followed immediately by our fabulous Norwegian Christmas dinner. The evening will close with a visit from St. Nicholas and singing of Christmas carols around our Christmas tree.

We are currently working on new and exciting events for our meetings in the coming year.  At this time we have not finalized them.  Please watch for the next newsletter or this website for a list of our programs.

God Jul!

Vern and Sandi Knutson


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Well, after years and years of seeing "Maihaugen website: Coming Soon" in our newsletters, the day has finally come!

Today, the website finally went live for public use.

The initial priorities for the website were:

  • establishing a public web presence for the lodge
  • allowing the newsletters (both current issues and archived issues) to be shared
  • beginning to stake out separate areas for both public information as well as access-controlled private lodge information
  • basing it on software that has a great deal of functionality and support for our needs, both current and future

Much of the "behind the scenes" work (mostly software-related) is completed:

  • registering our domain name
  • creating and configuring a virtual computer dedicated for our lodge
  • establishing an initial hosting arrangement for that virtual computer
  • selection, installation, and configuration of foundational software

What you can expect to see over coming weeks on the website:

  • much improved cosmetics (visual style, layout, etc.)
  • much more content, as we gather content that is currently stored elsewhere and consolidate it on the website
  • support for lodge officers to help them perform their lodge duties
  • ability for all lodge members to participate in collaborative areas on the website (e.g., adding and updating content, etc.)

The whole website development process will continue to be quite iterative; new functionality will be introduced, feedback obtained from lodge members and others, and then the website will be refined as appropriate. Officers in particular should be thinking about how the website can help you fulfill your role. Any lodge member's input on what kinds of functionality you would like to see in the website will also be greatly appreciated.

Other Major Areas on This Website
Useful Resources
Internet Radio and TV from Norway

The following web pages are on other websites and provide a very nice collection of links you can use to listen to Norwegian "Internet Radio" or watch "Internet TV" on your computer or Internet-enabled audio-video receiver or television.

Some stations might not work!

Unfortunately, some of the stations (especially TV) that are linked on the pages below only work in Norway.

Audio Only ("Internet Radio"):

Video ("Internet TV"):

News from Norway

The excerpts of articles in this section are provided from other websites; if you follow the links, you will be taken to that site and away from the Sons of Norway Maihaugen Lodge website.

Sons of Norway Blog
(The mission of Sons of Norway is to promote and to preserve the heritage and culture of Norway, to celebrate our relationship with other Nordic Countries, and provide quality insurance and financial products to our members.)
Norwegian Designer: Cecilie Melli
Lingonberry Photo Shoot
Norwegian Chef Wins Bocuse d’Or 2015
The Minnesota Trilogy
Viking's Book Giveaway!
Tubfrim winner announced
More With Sig Hansen
Join the Team and Make a Difference with Sons of Norway
Jarle Bernhoft Up for a Grammy
Happy Founders' Day!


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